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URGENT ALERT- Social media may go down. This is how you stay connected.

Hey friends,


If you're a human (in particular a mama or a woman) living on planet earth right now I don't need to tell you that we live in crazy times! But please, don't panic. Things on social media have been a bit out of control lately. As a result, I've been advised by some of the top international business and social media strategists and experts that there is a small chance that social media may shut down temporarily or totally in the weeks to come.

I'm not gonna lie, I miss most of the crazy online because I carefully curate my news feeds to only include quality educational and inspiring content. Never the less it seems that the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up national and international priorities and the only thing we can be sure of in these uncertain times, is that change is inevitable.

I am an "always make sure you have a backdoor open" kinda girl, so just in case social media do shut down and we lose the ability to connect through Facebook and Instagram, I've created a TELEGRAM account. TELEGRAM is a really cool app that works on phones, desktops and pad devices and it's FREE. It works a lot like Whatsapp but a million times safer, faster and so convenient! In fact, I am falling just a little bit in love with this app! You can even set a timer on your messages for it to self destruct! Wait, what?

Click here so you and I will still have a way to communicate with each other if worst comes to worst. And no, this is not like joining another WhatsApp group/ e-mail list/ whatever annoying spammy thing. I won't be sending any messages on this platform until it is absolutely necessary to do so, as I said it's just good to have a back door :-)

It is very important to me to stay connected to YOU, my social media tribe of mamas, justice warriors, and activists. I got you! I’m here for you! We are not alone. I truly believe that this community of people can hold each other up and make a REAL difference not only in our generation but in the next generation of humans we are raising.  Come on over to my Telegram channel today, just in case ;-)


If you run your own business or ministry and rely heavily on social media, this is for free. I believe that these uncertain times pose an opportunity for all of us, who knows this might be the dawn of a new day! I love using social media to connect with you but there are 100% some aspects of the gram I can live without!

But let's look at this objectively as business owners and change-makers, and fight the urge to panic or respond from a place of fear. Look, I've made the decision for my business that if needed in the days or weeks to come I will create a group through my Telegram channel where I can interact with my clients and followers and I'd encourage you to do your own research and if it makes sense for your business then I'd suggest you do the same. But for today - I just want to give some HOPE. Direct mail is not gone. Email may resurface. Texting through mass providers will probably increase. Private apps like this where people can't post a bunch of sensational nonsense will probably be a part of our every day lives in the near future anyway. IMAGINE if the peer pressure, depression, comparison, judgments, hate speech, and other things were GONE from your life. You may hear your own inner voice again. You may hear God again. These are all good things friends! Let's be OK with change. I will be here with you and we'll do this together. 😊❤
Lots of love

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