The mama behind Rae & Reign

Hey friend! I’m Charlotte,
Most days you can find me in a pair of Spanx reinforced jeggings, working on my laptop from my swivel chair or on the couch getting sucked into a vortex of Instagram videos. I’m mostly known as a no-nonsense creative problem solver and resource finder. I am the fierce mama of my equally fierce girls, Zion and Zarah and I love serving moms who are brave enough to live and parent differently, not just because their families look different, but also because they are different.
The things I am most passionate about in life are Jesus, finding and rallying around all the brave, say-it-like-you-mean-it, injustice-fighting moms, and chocolate chip cookies, of course!
I create products, educate, share information and track down resources for mamas whose parenting journey has opened their eyes to a world they did not fully grasp before adopting, or maybe didn't even know existed!
If you've ever looked at mommy blogs and adoption accounts and wondered where the heck all the real moms are at or tried to find the moms who struggle with post-adoption depression, overwhelm, feelings of incompetence, shame and fear, well, tag I'm it! Although I have been incredibly blessed to have become a mamma through adoption (twice!) it has been and still is HARD.
That's why I am committed to reminding mamas, who are on the same journey as me, that our journey is just as valid, just as beautiful in all its uncertainty, pain and messiness and so worthy of capturing, commemorating and celebrating.
When I’m not busy working on Rae & Reign you can catch me reading about or watching a documentary about gender and social justice, or binging Downton Abbey, for real though, I. Am. Obsessed.
If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me:
  1. When I laugh I don’t make a single sound, like absolutely nothing for as long as my breath allows and then a gasp mingled with a laugh escapes.
  2. I’m obsessed with stationary and notebooks, like nothing (except maybe chocolate chip cookies) brings me as much joy as shopping for pens, highlighters, and books!
  3. I make up a lot of songs about inanimate objects.
  4. I can be a little bit radical sometimes. Especially in my pursuit to find solutions to long-drawn-out problems.
  5. I used to work as a nude drawing model for fine art students at a university. My way of getting over my body issues. See? I told you I can be just a tiny bit radical.


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Lots of Love