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The Village

I truly believe we’re not raising children for ourselves but that we’re raising the next generation of world changers, solution bringers and justice warriors. A tall order, I know! These little world changers come into this world already uniquely equipped for their specific calling and destiny but they need safety, love, careful nurturing, opportunities and a whole lot of cheer-leading to grow into who they are meant to be. The truth is that these needs are only met in families.

That's why I'm committed to donate 5% of every single Rae & Reign purchase to organizations who are on the front-lines, fighting for every child in South Africa to be placed in their forever families.

The orphan crisis in South Africa gave rise to some pretty massive needs, it’s true, but it has also given rise to many faithful and amazing organizations who are standing in the gap and adding their strength, skill and resources to the cause. I will periodically change the beneficiaries of these donations to ensure we support organizations who labour in all these different spheres.

So when you make your purchase come and check out this page to see where your money will be making a difference.

Today your purchase will support Gabriels Heart Adoption Fund

The Fund is a platform to educate and encourage more adoptions in South Africa and provide financial assistance by funding or co-funding adoptions. Although countless adoption funds exists globally this is the first fund of its kind in South Africa. Visit their Facebook and Instagram Pages to find out more about this great organization.